Hard Apple Cider (per bottle)

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One of the oldest and best ways to preserve our abundant apples is through fermentation into hard cider. Our wildcrafted yeasts and traditional cidermaking techniques maintain the most direct relationship between us, the apples, and the life that surrounds us all. Let your palate experience more!

At special on-site events, you can buy single bottles, with a selection of our surprisingly diverse array of small-batch, naturally fermented, still, dry ciders. Special features of particular cidrages include: blends with some of the orchard’s classic heirloom cider apples; barrel-aging in bourbon casks; and a rich range of acidity and bitterness depending on varietal, yeast styles, and environment.

Case pricing include $2 deposit per bottle. Bring back bottles and get your money back!

Our cider apples include the following varieties:

    • Kingston Black
    • Yarlington Mill
    • Dabinette
    • Medaille d’Or
    • Wickson Crab
    • Hewe’s Crab
    • Somerset Redstreak
    • Stoke Red
    • Foxwhelp



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