Goat Milk

We just milked our goats this morning! And this evening! It’s that fresh!

Thank you for your interest in our fresh, raw goat milk. Fern, Aster, Rowan, Bracken, Morning Glory, and Clover (our awesome and sometimes smarter than us goats) are milked by hand twice a day and we put their milk in freshly sanitized glass jars for you to pick up.
Because we love this sweet Earth as much as you do, we ask that you exchange those jars each week: you bring us back your washed, empty jar and pick up a full one. It’s that easy! Please add the one time jar deposit of $6 to your first subscription order.

We have lots of goat milk to share with you! Please email us at goats@cedarmoon.us when you place an order and we’ll provide you with pick-up details.

We make yogurt, chevre, paneer, chai and, of course, our daily coffee and tea with the goat’s delightful milk. What will you make with yours?

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Showing all 4 results