COVID-19 & Sanitation

We love our milk raw as much as you do! When milking by hand we take sanitation seriously so that we can safely continue to enjoy the health benefits of unpasteurized goat milk. We wash our hands thoroughly before and after milking each goat, sanitize their teats with an antiseptic solution, dispose of the first squirts of milk to clear any bacteria that might be in the milk ducts, and always keep a close eye on their health. We filter our milk, wash our tools and pails with hot soapy water, and sterilize the jars that will hold the fresh milk we deliver to you.

COVID Considerations: Our farm community has taken great strides to reduce risks as much as possible in these COVID times. As we have vulnerable folks on the land we’ve taken safety extremely seriously. Our land has been closed to the public since the stay at home order came into place (oh we miss you all soooooo much) and our residents have primarily been home-bodying here on the land. Luckily we have plenty of projects to keep us busy here. Those that do need to leave for essential jobs or are one of our designated ‘food runners’ (the only ones entering stores or having contact with outside folks) completely segregate from physical contact with the rest of the community – using separate kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, etc. and keep strict sanitation and social distancing protocols from other residents. Its been quite a journey and we are proud to know that we are doing absolutely everything we can to care for our community.